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We're the streaming platform built for creators. ⚡

Read on for Features and FAQ

Interactive streams at the speed of light

Lightspeed uses a streaming protocol that measures latency in milliseconds, meaning viewers can type in chat and see it appear on a streamer's overlay in real-time.

With chat no longer lagging 10 seconds behind the action, creators can also experiment with entirely new types of interactive content beyond just reading chat and making polls.

Support that's just as fast

The inability to get any kind of support beyond cut-and-paste responses and automated chatbots is in the past. On Lightspeed, both creators and viewers will be able to send a message and get a real human response in minutes.

Chat with us about anything including feedback, suggestions, technical inquiries or urgent moderation support. If you're not happy with the response you got, you can even escalate your case to the manager. Karens rejoice 🥳

Run by a bootstrapped company

Lightspeed was built entirely from scratch by former streamers who've experienced the corporate decline of other platforms.

With no board of investors telling us what changes to make to maximize profit, we're instead focusing on providing the best service we can while sustainably breaking even. We haven't taken any VC funding and plan to refuse all offers of investment or acquisition.

That's not all.

Fair revenue split

On Lightspeed you'll keep 80% or more of all on-platform tips and subscriptions, with no hidden fees by the time it's in your bank.

No exclusivity

You can even setup RTMP relay, so you can go live to Lightspeed and we'll automatically push your stream to wherever you want

Creative freedom

No platform advertisers means you're free to experiment with content that would be blocked or demonetized on other platforms.

Got questions?

We're still pretty early in development, but we're active on Reddit, Twitter and Discord. 😀